What type of social media is best for your business?

What social media platforms are right for your business? 

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Social media happens to be the hottest marketing tool in the world in this generation. It is a free and effective marketing tool to promote your brand or company name. Ultimately, it has been put in place to help increase your businesses presence in the community.

More importantly, it is helpful to be active on most platforms and understand how each platform works, along with knowing the demographics on each site. Reason being, that different individuals prefer different social media sites. Reaching your largest audience is key to promoting your business. Consequently, this is why you would want to post on as many sites as you can.

Top 5 popular social media sites & what they do

• Facebook – Customized to fit any industry, personal business, community involvement, etc. Helpful form of personal communication and connections. Allows you to interact with customers in reply, messaging, sharing information, and numerous other neat communication tools. Facebook is the most popular social media site out there with nearly 2 billion active users all over the world.

• Twitter – Is intended to be fast and effective. Allows you to create short to the point (140 characters) message. The format is fast, and you receive timely responses. Providing instant customer feedback for you. Creating a “tweet” is the specific message that sends information out to a wide audience. Twitter allows you to add videos and photos to the message. Averaging about 328 million active users worldwide. Twitter is one of the top ten websites in the U.S.

Social Media Platforms-springwood marketing• Instagram – Provides visual content to individuals using photos and short videos. With 700 million active users, you can surely become discoverable using this site.It allows you to edit your photos and videos before posting. This site is mostly mobile friendly. Typically most people are on their phones so this a perfect way to connect with those individuals. Most of the content on Instagram involves food, art, traveling, and fashion. However, if you have a business that involves taking numerous pictures this site is for you.

• LinkedIn – A professional networking site. It entails a business recruiting industry, work history and credentials, database of personal profiles, networking, advertising, and other related professional services. Mostly for business oriented content. With over 467 million users on this site, you are sure to connect with a business professional.

• Google+ – Immediately wanting to show up on google search results. Posting on this site can help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results. Google+ is a social network for Google. With 111 million users, it’s similar to the other sites allowing you to post messages, photos, videos, business services, and much more. However, it is more committed to boosting your google search results, so you have a higher rank of showing up in an organic search.

Social media helps with SEO

When a business is trying to build their brand in order to make their presence known, no matter the industry it falls under social media and SEO are important tools. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses keywords, phrases, and specific topics that relate to your industry. Using social media sites while implementing SEO helps to attract readers to your site and information. Nonetheless, when you post a photo, blog, service, video or any information relating to your business you can add SEO, therefore you will rank higher in an organic search through the internet to where you come up higher in the search. This allows you to receive traffic to your site with your information being read.

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