Small Businesses And New Facebook Feed Update Effects

Facebook Feed Updates:

Recent updates with Facebook’s news feeds are making it difficult for small businesses to gain advertisement with public posts about their company or industry. It’s tougher for small businesses to reach their customers through social media with updates such as these. In this generation social media drives the marketing and advertisements for small businesses, so this could potentially be a downfall.

News feeds are now considered “limited”. The changes have been made to both the Facebook website and the mobile app. Consequently, with the new updates it’s prioritizing pages that have paid for advertisement over the pages/posts that do not pay a fee. The information is being shifted from letting you posts advertisements to focusing largely on personal posts and not selling your services.

News feeds will soon become personal posts with your typical users such as family and friends. What they won’t see are the posts from the local small businesses. The Facebook update attempt is to “declutter” Facebook. With over 2 billion users, Facebook believes this will clear up the “clutter”. Facebook is gearing more toward meaningful social interactions and personal moments.

Tips to stay in the public eye:  Social media-springwood marketing

  • Post relevant information, not too much “sales” content that would promote clutter.
  • Interact with your followers; create posts that can be liked or shared, and comment to join in on their conversations. This makes it more personable.
  • Create social interactions that are authentic connections with your users/customers.
  • Make your business meaningful to your customers.
  • Be a member of your customers community.
  • Hire an SEO company that promotes social media and will keep your business’s information in the public eye. This gives continuous shares, likes, updates, relevant posts, professional content. Hire them instead of paying per advertisement that you post daily.

Cons to Facebook advertisements if you continue:

  • Posts won’t be sponsored by Facebook.
  • You will have to pay your way into the advertisements if you want to keep posting about your business.
  • Posts will not end up in an organic search.
  • As a small business or a start up business there may be struggles to reach a target audience.

cons on facebook-springwood marketingFacebook has driven success for numerous companies. It can still drive success for your company, too. However, hiring an SEO company to manage your social media content would be beneficial to your business. If you’d like your businesses content to stay in the public eye through Facebook, contact Springwood Marketing for a complimentary quote today at (832-663-9195) or visit