Content Creation and Sharing It On Social Media

Content is an essential part of a business. Without dynamic content, there is no increased online interest in a business. Reasoning of this is because there would be nothing for an individual to read or gain knowledge from. Having content available to an audience helps increase visibility to your company’s brand. If there is no beneficial[…]

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Small Businesses And New Facebook Feed Update Effects

Facebook Feed Updates: Recent updates with Facebook’s news feeds are making it difficult for small businesses to gain advertisement with public posts about their company or industry. It’s tougher for small businesses to reach their customers through social media with updates such as these. In this generation social media drives the marketing and advertisements for[…]

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What type of social media is best for your business?

What social media platforms are right for your business?  Social media happens to be the hottest marketing tool in the world in this generation. It is a free and effective marketing tool to promote your brand or company name. Ultimately, it has been put in place to help increase your businesses presence in the community. More[…]

SEO and Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business Today

Grow Your Business Today Investing in SEO Services and Digital Marketing. The “online marketing era” has taken over this generation. A new way of advertising has evolved. Traditional marketing is no longer–digital marketing takes the lead in helping businesses become more efficient and quickly successful. Technology is on a continuous rise, therefore companies need to[…]

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Springwood Marketing Welcomes New Marketing Associate

Springwood Marketing would like to welcome Ms. Hannah Henry as the newest member of their team. Ms. Henry brings a knowledge of sales, digital marketing, social media management, website design, and graphic design. Ms. Henry is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Communications. To contact Ms. Henry, email[…]


The Weekly Business Hour

Ashley Easterwood of Springwood Marketing was a guest on The Weekly Business Hour this past week, a radio show that features local successful entrepreneurs. Rick Schissler’s program allows local business owners to share their story, as well as provide tips and insight into their line of work. Listen to the audio of the show that[…]