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What type of social media is best for your business?

What social media platforms are right for your business?  Social media happens to be the hottest marketing tool in the world in this generation. It is a free and effective marketing tool to promote your brand or company name. Ultimately, it has been put in place to help increase your businesses presence in the community. More[…]

SEO and Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business Today

Grow Your Business Today Investing in SEO Services and Digital Marketing. The “online marketing era” has taken over this generation. A new way of advertising has evolved. Traditional marketing is no longer–digital marketing takes the lead in helping businesses become more efficient and quickly successful. Technology is on a continuous rise, therefore companies need to[…]


Social Media Promotion

Springwood Marketing is currently offering 20% off of our basic business monthly social media packages. If your business is not currently posting regularly to social media, you are missing out on potential customers! By choosing Springwood Marketing, you enjoy all of the benefits of social media posting–without the hassle of developing content, tags, and links.[…]

Social Media How-To Guide for Beginners - Springwood Marketing LLC

Social Media How-To Guide for Beginners

Have you realized the importance of diversified marketing and social media in business, but are new to the game? Springwood Marketing, LLC has developed a short guide to teach you the basics for posting to company pages, as well as sharing them out publicly to your personal friends list. Our guide includes detailed instructions for posting[…]