January 29, 2016

Educator Email Service

Parent-teacher-communication-engagementEvery educator knows that student success requires more than hard work in the classroom. Parent involvement is a critical piece of the puzzle that connects students with teachers. Our educator emails are the easiest way to bridge school and home.

When parents are informed, they’re more likely to be involved.

There’s not enough time in the day—or enough of YOU—to wholly nurture the individual needs of each student, every day. You know that you need to communicate with parents. But when? How? Many teachers have a website for parents to visit, but how often have you sat in a conference and the parent hasn’t checked the site in weeks? Or the flyer you sent home got mixed with a week of student work papers and tossed in a bin.

There’s a simple, efficient, and reliable way to communicate!

We offer complete email services for educators across the globe. Perhaps you’ve added a few items to your website for the week ahead—or you have a bulleted list sitting on your desk laying out what’s planned. Send us that information, and we’ll make it look amazing for your students’ parents. Each educator email is sent directly to parents, who receive the message on their smartphone. You no longer have to rely on parents to take the initiative and search for your website. parent teacher puzzle graphic

We’ll craft a unique template that incorporates your classroom style. Using your notes, we’ll create stunning, well-written emails that are sent on time every time you need them.

Your time is invaluable. Spend it helping your students in the classroom and planning next week’s lesson—not tediously typing and formatting emails that you know must be sent out.

Educator emails start at just $49!

Place your order now to reserve your email package. We’ll contact you immediately to discuss your desired theme and to setup your first stunning email! We know that your time is valuable. Once your custom theme template specifications have been received, we’ll send your first template for review within 48 hours. Click an option below to order online.

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