February 21, 2017



Springwood Marketing is experienced in designing and implementing SEO plans for various industries. All of our plans are custom to your business and include monthly planning meetings with quarterly analytics reports. We are confident in our work–so we track and verify all SEO efforts to ensure that the approach we choose for your company is providing results.

Springwood Marketing is renowned for providing impeccable client communication. Call us or email, and we will answer.

If you want to be found in Google's searches, and for your current clients to know you are active, you must have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan in place.

Stay Current

Through continued updates on your website with social media promotion, organic clicks are generated. This boosts your Google ranking! At Springwood Marketing, we post on your site for purposes that suit your company's market: informational, news, entertainment, specials, or a blog style.

Be Social


We create keywords and content-based links, then push all articles and custom-designed advertisements to your company's social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. All articles and advertisements are professionally created with your best interest in mind. They will always be specific, and relevant, to your clients. And all information will link directly to your website so that customers follow the information directly to additional information related to the service or product that your company provides.

Analytics Screen Springwood Marketing SEO Google RankingStudy the Trends

At Springwood Marketing, we regularly monitor current marketing trends to ensure that the information we are posting for your business is relevant. Contact us today to schedule an SEO consultation to begin boosting your Google search ranking.