With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, small business owners and marketers are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday — two of the biggest days for e-commerce. Convert clicks to sales this holiday season with these Black Friday marketing strategies:

Optimize your e-commerce site

More and more people are Christmas shopping without even leaving the comfort of their homes! In 2020, holiday e-commerce grew by 32%. Therefore, it is crucial that your e-commerce site is optimized and user-friendly.

Your e-commerce site should utilize relevant keywords, have a load speed of less than three seconds, and be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Develop your mailing list

With the rise of COVID-19 and the influx of spam emails, marketers have begun abandoning traditional email marketing. Even still, email marketing is one of the most effective seasonal marketing tools.

With a large percentage of holiday shopping done online now, exclusive email offers and promotions encourage consumers to take advantage of Black Friday sales. Develop your mailing list, offer exclusive Black Friday discounts for those who subscribe, and watch as clicks convert to sales.

Run ads on social media

Many are unwilling to invest in paid advertising, as ROI can be a bit unpredictable. However, you’re losing more money when you fail to invest in paid social media advertising during the holiday season. Did you know that 80% of consumers discovered a new product or service on Facebook during the holiday season?

Black Friday sales create urgency and consumers are more likely to make a purchase during this time. If you aren’t leveraging consumer FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by purchasing Facebook or Instagram ad placement, you’re missing out on major revenue growth!

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