Social Media Management

Did you know that there is a new social media user every 15 seconds? Today, marketing your business on social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram–is essential for increased exposure and helps gain customer interest in your company.

Whatever your industry, a substantial portion of your customers–and competition–are already utilizing social media in their everyday lives. Having access to all of these customers helps boost traffic for your business and keeps you ranked with your competitors.

In addition, social media allows you to connect and interact with your customers directly, potentially building relationships, trust, and loyalty that will influence them to buy your products or services. Ultimately, building value to your persona increases your business’ SEO ranking.

Springwood Marketing, LLC offers social media management to clients who seek ensured business growth. With this marketing platform, consistency is key. Springwood Marketing will post weekly or bi-weekly posts to all company social media accounts–up to four accounts per package. Our experts will design a compelling banner and header for your page, create print quality custom graphics with each post, provide quarterly calendars with upcoming post schedules, and integrate all content on your business’ website to reach additional audiences.

Does your business lack a social media presence? We’ll help you get started!