Video is currently one of the hottest tools—across industries—for digital marketing. Utilizing video as a marketing technique is an effective approach to showcase your products, services, and your brand.

The use of this technique on your website–as well as embedded on your social media platforms–is a great marketing tool to publicize your company, improve user-experience, and enhance your company’s SEO. On the web today, click-rates are far higher for interactive content compared to images and written content. Visual, interactive presentations and direct interaction with your customers will drive higher engagement, ultimately promoting business growth and increased traffic.

Springwood Marketing, LLC can assist in developing marketing, promotional and training directed videos. We will work with you to create an industry-appropriate script, choose optimal products and services, select shooting locations, conduct production, and complete the editing process that will bring your ideas to life and make an impact on customers. Springwood Marketing will optimize your video content and allow your business to be heard in more ways than one.

Why should I use video? Read our article, “Does Video Content Work?“ for insight!

Sharing Your Video & Benefits

Once your content is complete, we want it to be seen! As a multi-service marketing company, Springwood Marketing will publish your completed content to YouTube, your website, and all of your corresponding social media accounts for maximum exposure. We also offer targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) packages to ensure that potential customers see your latest marketing tool.