It’s no secret that the use of video content is on the rise. More businesses than ever are beginning to incorporate video content into their marketing strategies. In fact, because of the increased consumption of video, technologies are leaning toward favoring the video-marketer. When choosing a marketing medium, consider these innovative advantages of using video content.

Five Reasons Why Video Content Can Make a Small Business Successful:

  1. Improved SEO – Utilizing video content in your marketing efforts will undeniably improve your website’s SEO. Visual presentations to and interactions with your business’ consumers will allow the opportunity of your business to be not only heard, but seen.
  2. Stronger Consumer Attention/Engagement – Visual content is the key to great engagement. Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium on the market. Because we are in the midst of a content overload period, capturing consumer attention is key. Videos can do so. Research shows that audiences are 10 times more likely to engage in and share video content than blogs or related posts.
  3. Higher Retention Rates/Accessibility – Research shows that 65 percent of viewers watch more than three-fourths of a video as opposed to reading written content. If your company has a message it needs to get across, it may be beneficial to use video content to gain consumer interest in your business.
  4. Greater Optimization Opportunities – It’s pretty difficult to affirm view numbers when it comes to text-based content. With video content, consumer behavior is more easily tracked to help you know what’s working and what’s not for your business allowing the chance for change and improvement for growth.
  5. Stronger Emotional Connections/Consumer Conversation – Within online content, videos are the most prominent and powerful way to evoke viewers’ emotions. Research shows that evoking emotion in marketing has influenced positive consumer purchase behavior. Although the video content may not air a specific product, consumers are able to sense the tone of your business from a video and have the urge to personally contact you directly.

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Always choose a company you can trust to have a video strategy in place. Springwood Marketing, LLC works closely with our clients to properly optimize their video content and overall benefit their business by allowing their voice to be heard in more ways than one, aiming to increase customer growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about how video content can benefit your business, the experts at Springwood Marketing can help! Contact us today at (832) 663-9195.

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