The scary truth is: a brand’s power and control almost entirely lie in the hands of the consumer.

Due to the vast number of social media platforms available today, most consumer behavior­–positive or negative–is a result of the significant mass of information on these platforms. Through social media, consumers are able to freely share their opinions and experiences of products and services with their peers­–many of which trust their testimonials.

Although many factors contribute to the overall success of a business, businesses of all sizes are built on customer relationships–therefore, brand perception sets the tone of a business. In the midst of all consumer interaction, companies strive to cultivate a positive perception among their target audience–aiming to become the preferred business between them and their competitors.

Positive brand perception should be a business’ end-goal. However, consumer perception is fluid and can evolve over time. The greater number of consumers that obtain experiences with a certain service or product, the greater chance perception will form. During this time, brand awareness and social media management are extremely crucial.

Brand Perception Matters-Springwood Marketing

It is important to understand perception through each stage of the brand funnel: awareness, trial, purchase, favorite and loyalty. Without the consumer aware of a product or service, they are unable to create useful interaction amongst other consumers in the marketplace.

Springwood Marketing specializes in assisting businesses create brand awareness through social media management–ultimately resulting in brand perception. At Springwood, the hard-working professionals work closely with clients to ensure up-to-date trends are being utilized effectively in order to reach their target audiences in a positive manner. We strive to help our clients utilize the available marketing tools to gain positive brand perception–initially allowing their businesses to grow and succeed.

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