When it comes to SEO, your goal is to improve the quantity and quality of website traffic on your website. To properly do this, you must optimize your content so that search engines will display your site among relevant search results. While this sounds like an easy enough task, 3 common SEO mistakes can be enough to put your website at the bottom of search results.

Site Speed

Just like most of its users, Google favors sites with quick speeds. If your site buffers page-to-page, leaving users waiting, they will flee the site. Slow load times will lead to lower ranking and conversion rates, allowing competitors to surpass you. Fix this issue by optimizing image sizes, JavaScript files, video content, repairing broken links, checking Core Web Vitals, and cleaning up the code. 

Using the Wrong Keywords

Choosing the right and wrong keywords can make quite the difference when it comes to generating traffic. You want to be sure you aren’t using words that are too generic, which can lead to your content getting thrown into the mix with hundreds of other sites. Choosing a keyword with a high search volume isn’t ideal. You’ll also want to avoid using keywords that are too elaborate, to ensure your content remains relevant. Google will recognize the use of keyword stuffing, which is the act of using the same words and terms repeatedly in hopes of manipulating search engines. This can result in your material being removed or flagged as spammy content.

Not Using Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

It is crucial for every website page to have its own distinctive title to increase search rankings. This will better depict what the page is about and what content will be found there. Users will often bookmark pages to look at later, and the title will be what they see and recognize. Meta descriptions can also be very helpful when optimizing a search. This is what people will read when deciding to visit your webpage and a chance for you to show them that you have the content they’re searching for. This description should include your keywords and relevant knowledge to entice the user to click on your link. 

While it is in your interest to lead people to your website, it is important to put out credible content that captures your targeted audience. Finding your content is the first step, but retaining the traffic is what will keep it at the top. Consider these 3 common SEO mistakes before your next post. Interested in learning more? The professionals at Springwood Marketing specialize in Search Engine Optimization. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today!
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