Content creation is an art. It takes patience, creativity, knowledge, and effort to grasp how to write valuable information. The information you are relaying to a reader should be interesting, informative and concise. It is important to help the reader understand the style and personality of your business. This, in return, helps a company find its “voice” to develop a strong brand.
Finding the voice in your brand is an essential element of business growth. This engages readers to easily identify your expertise and services. Being able to summarize the services a business offers is key; there needs to be the right amount of information to let the reader know who you are and what you do–without it being a novel.

Types of Content Creation

There are various types of content that businesses can use to build their brand–print, digital, technical, informative, creative, etc. Springwood Marketing can help your business develop engaging content that suits your industry, audience and platform.

• Website Content

The initial point of content on a website is to attract the reader and gain their interest in your site first,  with minimal–but quality–information. This allows individuals to gain interest while browsing quickly for information. If there are too many words on your website, users may be overwhelmed and move to a friendlier site. Therefore, it’s imperative to have the right words, phrases, short paragraphs that attract and inform the reader of your services. Balance is key!

• Technical/Document Content

A printed piece of information is typically the easiest thing to provide to others than any other form of communication when meeting in person. Items such as print ads, mail-outs, magazines, catalogs, brochures, in-store displays, posters, and technical documents (e.g. data sheets and operation manuals) are all written, designed, and provided as printed literature and digital copies by Springwood Marketing for email and online use. Also, documents enhance your company creatively so that it is appealing to your specific audience and target market. This type of content proves your business is current, and it presents your products and services in a unique, attractive & informed way.

• Social Media Content

Social media content is focused on driving traffic to your website by catching the attention of readers who are scrolling through social media. It puts your information directly in front of them without them having to actively search for your business or services.
The content on social media should always be specific, and relevant, to your clients. All information put on social media should link directly to your website so that customers follow the information to additional resources that your company provides.This hopefully will get the reader hooked on your company before the competition catches their attention.

• SEO Content

If you want to be found in Google’s searches, and for your current clients to know you are active, you must have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan in place. Through continued updates on your website with social media promotion, organic clicks are generated. There are key words, phrases, topics that relate to your services that are embedded in these website updates, and social media post which in return boosts your Google ranking. Moreover, this is why it is important to have an expert firm such as Springwood Marketing that knows how to do this. By adding tracking code to your website, we can provide detailed reports that prove the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s Get Started!

All of the previously mentioned elements help build the “voice” of your business’ brand. Standing out in the public eye is key. There should always be a drive to target audiences; with these different types of content, Springwood Marketing can help ensure your business is getting noticed.
Springwood Marketing is your expert resource when it comes to content creation. Call us today to discuss how we can help develop the voice of your business–and be heard!