To grow your business online, you must learn to adapt your marketing strategy as times change. Whether it’s your website or social media content, you must analyze performance data to determine what efforts are and are not working. Decoding digital marketing analytics and explaining trends isn’t always so simple. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Learn the terminology

Whether you’re analyzing social media or website analytics, you may encounter terms you’re unfamiliar with. Understanding the data starts with knowing the terminology. We’ve defined a few of the most important terms:


Social media:


Compare month-to-month and make note of significant changes

As you create content, make changes to your site, launch paid advertising campaigns, etc., you will notice changes in your performance analytics. One of the best ways to analyze and explain trends is to compare data from month-to-month. 

Whether you do this on a monthly or quarterly basis, pulling data from previous months will allow you to see when significant changes occurred. Were there dips or spikes, and when? Were these changes gradual or abrupt? Did these dips or spikes persist and how long did they last? 

Consider the possibilities

When decoding performance analytics, some trends have easy explanations, while others can be attributed to a number of things. That’s why it’s important to consider all the possibilities!

Once you have identified all the significant dips and spikes during your month-to-month analysis, ask yourself: 

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