Whether used in the area of manufacturing, O&G, safety, or engineering, data sheets allow companies to efficiently inform their customers about the performance of a specific product, its technical characteristics, as well as describe how and when to use the product; they can also be used for internal communication and understanding.

Data Sheets

Data sheets must be properly organized and structured for a user to easily understand them. They should also contain a sufficient amount of product-related information. Therefore, conveying the information with a table, bulleted list, or image–using easy-to-read fonts and appropriate spacing/margins–allows the information to appear organized.

A successful data sheet typically includes the following elements:

Although most data sheets may not contain the same elements, all of them are designed to provide the user with a means to quickly reference various qualities and attributes of the products they are working with or are interested in purchasing; in addition to aiding both the designer and manufacturer by providing them with a quick-guide.

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