For a business owner who is willing to take the plunge into video marketing to grow their business, YouTube presents huge opportunities. However, obtaining a strong number of viewers is a challenge for many. Within these platforms, business owners typically forget that audience development is equally as important as great content.
When making the decision to create or to optimize your YouTube page, consider these tips:

Consistency – In order to gain views and traffic, it is important to post and update new content regularly. If you expect customer engagement to grow, you need to engage your viewers.
Memory – Today, it’s not enough to post any kind of video. It is vital to impose creativity into your video and convey your content in an engaging and entertaining format to separate you from competition. In addition, create an eye-catching thumbnail to stand apart, such as close-up photos.
Reciprocation – One of the best ways to gain viewers is to support others in their YouTube marketing efforts. Find relevant YouTube channels; comment, like, and subscribe as frequently as possible to receive the same results. Also, reply to all comments to show you care.

Promotion – Embed your videos onto your website and social media accounts to gain viewer traction. This allows the opportunity for more site traffic as well. Include the URL link for easier navigation.

Short and Sweet – Keep your videos around 3 minutes to prevent the viewer from losing interest. In addition, keep video titles under 50 characters to prevent it from getting cut off online. Keywords – Run a Google search to see if there are video results for any desired keywords. This way, the video has a better chance of ranking in search. Use these keywords in the title, the tags, and also in any transcripts. 

Another helpful tip in gaining business traffic through the utilization of YouTube is to hire and trust a professional marketing company such as Springwood Marketing, LLC. At Springwood, we work with our clients to ensure their content is able to reach its full potential leading to customer growth and increased profits.

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