Known as a discovery tool, a hashtag is used in social media to direct users to relevant content. They can be quite useful when wanting to lure people into engaging with your posts, which in turn can bring in more traffic. While they can be helpful in spreading your name and content across multiple platforms, there are right and wrong ways to use hashtags. If you wish for improvement and worldwide growth, you’ll need to pay close attention on how to properly utilize hashtags.

Keep Them Relevant

It can be easy to become excited and blow up your post with numerous hashtags. You might think having unique and longer hashtags will help increase your traffic, but it can sometimes backfire. You should aim to keep your hashtag short and relevant to the desired search. Stay specific to ensure people are taken to what they are expecting to see when they click on the tag. Your content should remain clearly relatable to the chosen hashtag, and should fit in with other content that is already being searched. This will help categorize your posts and will make it more discoverable to users.

Find What’s Trending

Before selecting which hashtags to use, don’t pass up the opportunity to use one that is already trending. A trending hashtag is one that has become popular and is regularly searched at that specific time. If you can find ways to make your content relate to the newest trending hashtag, do so. It is crucial to do your research and to physically search the hashtag before using it for your own post. Find out what other posts are using it for and decide if it’s a good fit for your content. 

Hashtags can be a great way to reach your target audience, and can lead to increased engagement with users. Make sure to consider what you put out onto platforms before posting to enhance visibility. Use hashtags to your benefit by doing your research, staying topic specific, and keeping them short and sweet. Have more questions about hashtags and how to use them for brand growth? Schedule a no-obligation consultation today!

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