Energy and O&G are two of the highest grossing industries. However, given the nature of these industries, content marketing can be a little tricky. So, how can marketers make technical writing a little more digestible? Here are three types of content marketing for energy industries:


Technical materials are often text-heavy and difficult to interpret. Make the content more digestible by incorporating visuals, like infographics. Infographics can be used in print materials, blog posts, or social media posts to make complex processes or ideas easier to understand.  

Some people require visual aids to understand and retain information. Therefore, infographics should contain minimal text; you can provide a more in-depth explanation in your supporting text (the social media caption or blog post). Your audience should be able to look at the visual and have a better understanding of what they read in the social media caption or blog post.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great way to showcase your expertise and educate your audience on your products and their applications. When planning your blog posts, consider your audience’s FAQs and trending industry topics. 

In order to drive traffic to your website, you must optimize your blog posts using relevant keywords that align with your audience’s frequent search inquiries. If you own a gas detection company, your target audience might be searching “gas detection in environmental applications” — and you want them to find your website when they make this search! Write an article about popular gas detection monitors and sensors for environmental applications and optimize using relevant keywords. This topic is not only informative, but will appear in search results for “gas detection in environmental applications.”

For additional exposure, share your blog posts via social media and email.


Whitepapers are reports or guides that explain a complex issue with both text and visuals. This is where blog posts and infographics meet! However, whitepapers go deeper than a standard blog post would; whitepapers are comparable to e-books.

Whitepapers can be used to promote products and services. They typically cover a specific topic, outline problems related to that topic, and offer solutions. This type of document is designed to educate, solve a problem, and encourage readers to make a decision.

You can offer whitepapers as a freebie when people sign up for your mailing list or make this document accessible to everyone as a free download on your website.

The staff at Springwood Marketing offers more than a decade of experience in technical writing and editing. We are capable of writing and editing all technical materials, as well as providing diagrams, suitable and acceptable for any intended audience. Our experts will work closely with you and become familiar with your company’s specific products, terminology, and complex processes and procedures, so we are able to achieve the best results for your business through a strict compliant approach. Interested in learning more? Schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

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