According to a 2019 study, users are accessing 69% of their media from their mobile phones. As the world continues to shift from desktop dominated internet use, you must ensure your website is optimized for mobile device use.

Below are a few of the best practices to improve your Mobile SEO:

1. Adaptive website design

When setting up the site, ensure it has desktop and mobile design flexibility to ensure it can be easily viewed from anywhere.

Mobile websites that don’t adjust to fit the phone format are frustrating and often cause internet users to exit the site without paying attention to the actual content. Site appearance has a large impact on the trust and interest of potential customers. 

2. Easily visible design and fonts 

Fonts should be simple and easy to view from a small device, set at a size that does not require zooming from the user. Lines should have between 8-10 words and each paragraph around 3 lines to break up the content.

Keep sentences short and simple, easily read and comprehended by as many readers are possible. Maintain spacing for an easier read. 

3. Improve speed of website

Optimize images, avoid redirects from the page, and remove any unnecessary site disruptions that could slow down the loading time of the site. The longer the wait, the more website traffic is lost.

4. Avoid unplayable content

Try not to use videos requiring flash player, downloads that require permission to view, or anything that appears blocked to the user. 

Downloads like flash player are not on mobile devices and content will not be viewable. Make sure all website content is viewable for the best possible mobile SEO.

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