When creating effective and engaging content, your objective is to reach your audience across various channels. Your material must be impactful enough to retain engagement, which can be difficult when you run low in ideas for new content. In this particular instance, there is no shame in going back and repurposing your past content. By reformatting and adapting the content to different platforms, you can stretch out its lifespan and engagement potential. Here are a few effective ways to repurpose content to maximize your reach and impact:

Learn Your Audience

You might feel confident in who your audience is already, but it’s important to differentiate one platform from another. What you might decide to share or advertise on one platform may have been successful based on who interacted with the content. Repurposing this specific topic may not have the same effect on another platform because of their audience. Get to know the audience based on the platform, and refurbish your material to suit the preferences and interests of the platform users. 

New Formats

What might have started as a lengthy article or blog-post can be transformed into something shorter and visually appealing. Transforming the format of a previously used topic can allow your audience to view your content in a whole new way. They may not remember that this topic has been written about in the past, but might revisit it when tagged in your relevant new post. For example, taking a blog and turning it into an infographic, video, or slideshow can offer your audience a more interactive or entertaining experience. This is an opportunity to recycle content, and also gain more engagement from your audience. 

Optimize SEO

Repurposing content also grants yourself the opportunity to update and improve your SEO. Revise the content to include new and more relevant keywords, hashtags, and in-text links to optimize it for search engines. Meta descriptions should be concise, compelling, and relevant to entice users to click through to your content. This is your chance to attract new visitors to your website and gain the attention of those who search for your specific services. This is what brings more business to the table, resulting in better notoriety and profit. 

Repurposing content can be incredibly valuable when capturing the attention of new and current followers, so be sure to strategize in all the ways possible. Afterall, old content can always be made new again! Have more questions about repurposing content? Schedule a no-obligation consultation today!

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