Blogging not only allows you to showcase your expertise and industry knowledge, but it is also helpful in optimizing your website. Publishing optimized articles consistently will improve your Google ranking and increase online visibility. Here are 3 SEO benefits of blogging:

More likely to rank for specific keywords

A high-converting, Google-friendly website should be optimized for relevant keywords. After all, you want your business to appear in search results when prospective customers search for your products or services. In addition to optimizing your Home, Services, and About Us pages, marketers should consider adding an optimized Blog page to their sites.

SEO does not yield immediate results — and implementing SEO strategies is certainly not a one-time thing. Therefore, your SEO efforts should be ongoing and continuous. Publishing optimized blog posts consistently will allow you to continue ranking for relevant — and new — keywords.

More indexed pages means greater visibility

When ranking websites, Google looks at a number of things, one of which being the number of indexed pages a website contains. Generally, Google’s algorithm favors websites with more indexed pages. The more indexed pages, the more credible and trustworthy a site is. When publishing optimized blog posts, you’re consistently adding new indexed pages to your site.

With a number of optimized, indexed pages, Google will rank your website among the top relevant, information-rich search results.

More opportunities to incorporate internal and external links

Link building is crucial for SEO. A Google-friendly website incorporates both internal and external links. Internal links direct users to other pages on your site, while external links direct users to other relevant websites.

Publishing optimized blog posts consistently allows you to continue link building. Whether you’re linking a source or your services page in a call-to-action at the end of your post, blogging allows you to improve your Google ranking through link building.

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