SEO can be complicated, especially if you are inexperienced in marketing and communication practices. But, by implementing strategic SEO, your business will see more traffic and lead generation. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Companies use SEO to get organic, non-paid traffic to their websites from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

How it Works

Search engines work to serve their users. Let’s say you went to Google and searched for an answer to a simple question. Google would then scan different websites looking for relevant topics or keywords. While doing this, Google also considers how easy a site is to navigate. In seconds, Google ranks websites and shows them to you. As a business, your website should be clean, easy-to-use and loaded with strong keywords or phrases so Google places you higher in rankings.

Picking a Strong Keyword

On your website, each page and post should have a unique keyword or phrase. When choosing a keyword, be sure to keep your ideal consumer in mind. Think about how they would try to find your topic if they visited a search engine. For example, if someone wanted to learn how paint furniture, strategic SEO keywords might be: “paint furniture”, “how to paint furniture” or “tips for painting furniture”. If you were to choose just one word, like “furniture”, your content would have to compete against more sites to land in front of the consumer. Once you pick your keyword, be sure to use it multiple times in the page or post’s content.

Monitor Site Traffic with Google Analytics

For SEO success, make sure your website is connected with a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a free tool for business owners to monitor their website’s traffic. With an account, you can see how consumers get to your site, what they do while they are on there and what influences them to leave. Google Analytics lets you learn consumer habits and makes changes to continue improving search rankings.

Regularly Update Popular Posts

Pages or posts that regularly rank high on search engines need to be updated to remain relevant. For example, if you have a blog titled, “Things to Do in Houston 2019” and the content is still relevant, change the year and make a note on post noting there was an update. This allows you to continue ranking well in searches while remaining transparent with readers. 

Strategic SEO takes some time, but makes itself worthwhile. As long as consumers continue visiting your website when searching for a specific keyword or phrase, your content will rank on search engines. This means a post from three years ago could still bring you potential customers. 

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