Word of mouth–or reputation marketing–has always been an innate key marketing tactic to a small business’ success.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business or purchasing a product or service. Here are a few ways consumer reviews can be beneficial to the growth of your business:

Conducts Change – When consumers provide positive or negative feedback, a business owner can improve their business. This helps a business owner discover strengths and weaknesses about the products or services and alter accordingly.

Increased Sales – Reviews can provide helpful information consumers need to decide whether or not to purchase–eliminating the hassle of calling the business.

Builds Brand Confidence – Reviews and ratings legitimize a business and give potential customers a better understanding of what the product is and how competition compares.

Builds SEO – They can help a business rank higher on search engines like Google, ultimately allowing more people to discover the business and engage. The more written about a business online, the more important the search engine considers that business to be.

Reviews Breed Reviews – If a business has already received feedback, it will influence other visitors to provide their own testimonials. With the collaboration of these reviews, a business can maintain their image through consumer marketing.

Consumer Loyalty – Consumers feel like they have a voice when they have the freedom to express their thoughts regarding a business. When they take the time to write a review online, it encourages loyalty and may keep them coming back.

Springwood Marketing, LLC assists our clients in getting properly setup on search engines in order to encourage consumer reviews–presenting the opportunity for business growth.

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