Looking to grow your firm in 2023? Even the most established law firms need a strong marketing strategy. Here are 3 digital marketing strategies for law firms:

Build an optimized, high-converting website

Attorneys and law firms see the most growth from local, organic Google searches. Therefore, it’s important that law firms have a strong website that is optimized and Google-friendly.

Your firm’s website should highlight your team’s educational background and knowledge, as well as specific types of law services you offer. One way to demonstrate your expertise would be to include an FAQ or blog page to address common questions about certain legal issues in your state.

Aside from content, there are a few SEO tricks you can employ to increase your Google ranking. Your website should have a quick load speed; when prospective clients navigate to your website, the homepage should load in under three seconds. Your website should be optimized using relevant keywords or phrases; if you specialize in will & probate, your website should be optimized for these keywords. Finally, your website should incorporate internal (linking one internal page to another) and outbound links (linking outside sources within your website).

PPC or paid advertising

Google is a law firm’s greatest asset for local growth. However, SEO will only do so much if your market is oversaturated. This is where pay-per-click advertising comes into play!

For attorneys and law firms, investing in Google Ads is one of the best ways to outrank competitors, especially if you’ve already implemented SEO strategies. Create a strong landing page, design a compelling ad, and place your bid. The higher the budget, the better your chance of outranking competitors in your area. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a must for any industry. However, social media offers unique opportunities for law firms and attorneys, especially with the popularity of short-form content.

Platforms like TikTok allow attorneys to create reactionary content, in which they respond or react to another creator’s video with their own professional insight. Reacting to relevant viral or controversial videos will always out-perform a basic infographic or image—and ultimately drive traffic to your page or website. Click here to learn more about effective TikTok strategies.

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