Word of mouth can be a company’s most invaluable marketing tool. Great reviews build customer confidence and contribute to overall brand experience. By reading customer reviews on Google, Facebook and other review platforms, you hold an advantage over competitors.

Determine Strengths 

Keeping up with customer reviews allows you to determine where your business excels. You can then take these selling points and add them to your marketing plan. For example, if your customers rave about military discounts, you can create a Facebook ad targeted toward active and retired military personnel. 

Address Unhappy Customers

At the same time, reading reviews can help a business see its weaknesses. Responding to negative reviews creates a connection between the brand and consumers. By addressing a customer’s frustrations and showing how you plan to improve, you are more likely to win back a lost client and gain loyalty.

Lead Generation

Before making a purchase, consumers often read customer reviews to make a final decision. Because of this, review aggregator sites like Yelp and Angie’s List help generate leads. To get more leads and rank higher than competitors, fill out the business profile completely and respond to every review.

Content, Content, Content

Consumers trust other consumers. If you have a great review, share it. Customer reviews give a company free and unique content to share that promises potential customers a great experience. 

Build a Stronger Brand

Any strong brand has a loyal following. If your business is still struggling to find its voice and gain followers, use reviews to your advantage. Ask customers to leave a review if you feel like they enjoyed their experience. One review can show potential customers how your business is superior to competitors.

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