A website becomes an essential tool when running and growing a business. However, without traffic, your site isn’t doing its job. With almost two billion websites in the world and counting, you need to do all you can to drive people to your site.

Make Your Site Responsive

People are more likely to leave your website if it isn’t formatted for different medias. Statistics show 77% of Americans own a smartphone. Consumers want quick and easy information at their fingertips, making it crucial for your site to be responsive for desktops and mobile devices.

Optimize with SEO

People can’t visit your site if they can’t find it. Search Engine Optimization allows consumers to find a website by searching keyphrases. By implementing SEO, you can optimize your site with keyphrases your target consumer might search to find your business.

Become a Social Media Expert

Social media can drive others to your website. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest provide additional exposure to desired target markets. Maximizing your social media presence allows you to show followers content and drive them to your site.

Implement a Blog

Your site should have a blog. Blogs provide additional content relevant to a website and can include posts about company updates, new products, services or anything else a target consumer might be interested in. Each post should be optimized to increase the chances of your site being visited.


Relationships are a great asset when trying to increase website traffic. Connecting with customers and other industry professionals allow you to share your business with others. These individuals share your business through word-of-mouth and drive people to your site.


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