In a world where information is not only abundant but sits right at everyone’s fingertips and is available in a matter of seconds, cutting through that commotion and getting your message directly to consumers can make all the difference. Influencer marketing does exactly that.

Whether your goal is to start a conversation, create a relationship with your audience, or optimize your use of social media, influencer marketing is a revolutionary way to effectively communicate directly with consumers.

Starting the Conversation

Influencer marketing helps get your message to the correct audience. This strategy targets the social media accounts that are most important and opens up a line of communication. It could be used to connect an account with your audience, start a conversation about a product, or ultimately promote sales for your company. Influencers can be anybody from celebrities to everyday bloggers. Even analysts and manufacturers with expert knowledge can persuade an audience to try a product.

Building a Relationship

A strong relationship with a consumer often leads to benefits for your products or services. Communication hits closer to home when it has a personal touch. Influencer marketing is effective because audiences accept messages more when the influencers delivering it genuinely believe your good or service is worth talking about. Influencer marketing is expected to evolve over the next five years into a market that could be worth up to $10 billion.

Closing the Deal—with Social Media

Controlling the conversation on social media is a key to influencer marketing working in your favor. Outreach and connections, even in traditional marketing, have always been essential. The key in contemporary, digital marketing is promotion. Make sure your influencer has a motive to want to help with your promotion. After that, it’s all about resources and closing the deal by following the right influencers on social media.

A recent online survey of 272 managers showed that two-thirds of them expected to increase their influence marketing budgets in the upcoming year. More than 80% believed the strategy to be effective, and one out of four said it was the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method.

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