Print advertising covers a wide variety of items including sales brochures, fliers, billboards, coupons, newspaper/ magazine ads, and business cards. Advertising in a print medium gives you or your company the ability to condense your product or service into a single message to potential consumers. Here are three key components to keep in mind when advertising in print.

The Image

Try not to overload your print ad with a lot of visuals. One or two eye-catching images is usually enough to grab a viewer’s attention. If you are advertising a product, make sure your advertisement has a clear and appealing photo of it. Visuals can be images, graphics, or illustrations. Consider including people in your photos for maximum effect.

The Text

Your text should complement your visuals. Too much text in print advertising can overwhelm your viewer, but not enough text can leave them with more questions than answers. Limit your text to what is most important. Think about what potential customers need to know immediately about your product or service. Text can have a visual element, as well. Experiment with sizes and colors to find the most appealing look.

The Design

There are a lot of design elements to consider in your print ad. For example, do you want to run it in color or black-and-white? And where are you going to place the ad? Color costs more, but it is usually a good way to attract attention. If your ad is going in a newspaper or magazine, it will likely be competing with other ads for your audience’s attention. Decide if you want your ad to be visually appealing, textually informative, or a balance of both.

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