Link building is crucial for a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. So, what is link building?

The internet has a ton of content. Link building is the process of building backlinks to other websites—allowing you to skip the line when it comes to people accessing your content. Backlinks are hyperlinks that come in from one website and link it to another webpage.

The ‘How-To’

The process of link building doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, much like everything else in business, it just starts with having solid content. Quality content that is engaging is innately more likely to be linked to. Once you’ve created something you feel like others will want to see, you just need to distribute it through the right channels to reach your target audience.

Maximizing your content’s potential comes from influencers sharing your work. Every time someone links up to your content or shares it on another platform, your business is one step closer to getting the attention of the people you’re trying to reach.

The ‘Dos-&-Don’ts’

As we mentioned earlier, link building can be easy. But there is a strategy to it. Here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid.

When it comes to effective link building, less is more. You want to include a link near the top of the page. If a user has to scroll down a webpage in order to see a link, they might miss it. When users visit a webpage, they spend about 80% of their time looking at information near the top. So, feature links early in the text, but don’t overwhelm your reader. Multiple links close together can confuse readers. They won’t know which one to click on, so they might just not click on any.

Link external resources to your content. It is perfectly acceptable to link up with other well-written content that garners a lot of web traffic. Finding external sources that backs up your content can only strengthen your case with readers. But be careful when choosing what platforms you want to link to. Make sure you are leading your audience through a gate that actually supports your content.

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