Whether you’re starting a new business in 2023 or simply wanting to rebrand, you’ll need a strong logo. Your logo should be modern, sleek, and reflect your brand’s identity. Check out these emerging logo design trends for 2023:


There is beauty in simplicity! In 2023, simple, minimalistic designs are becoming more popular. We’re retiring the bulky text and multi-dimensional artwork for light fonts and thin, single-line designs.

Minimalistic designs are modern, sleek, and easy-to-read. Often, these types of designs utilize neutrals, pastels, or more muted colors.

Lowercase letters

The all-lowercase trend could be attributed to the informal nature of social media. Regardless, brands have begun embracing this playful approach to logo design. Titlecase logotype feels very serious, formal, and sometimes a bit stuffy.

If you’re rebranding and want a more casual look and feel, lowercase type may be just the thing.

Icons within logotype

2023 design trends are centered around simplicity. One of the emerging minimalistic approaches to logo design this year is incorporating icons with the logotype.

Often, icons are arranged around the logotype for a clean, legible look. In 2023, graphic designers are finding new, creative ways to incorporate brand icons within logotype (i.e. replacing a letter with an icon of a similar shape).

Gradients or fades

Often, logo designs are formal and static because companies believe that is the only design approach that exudes professionalism. However, this attitude stifles creativity!

In 2023, graphic designers are incorporating colorful gradients and fades for a more dynamic look. 

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