Even with the emergence of new digital marketing strategies, traditional print advertising is still effective. Springwood Marketing has compiled a list of marketing materials every business needs:

Business Cards

Whether it’s a scheduled meeting or an unexpected run-in with a prospective client, business cards are essential to have on hand. You want to ensure you can easily get your contact information into the right hands! Business cards should include your name, job title, phone number, website, email address, and mailing/physical address (if applicable). It’s important to have enough business cards to keep in the office, as well as in your wallet or car.


When a prospective client asks for more information about your services, it’s nice to be able to hand them a physical brochure. Your brochure should include information about your team and their specialties, products/services, and contact information. It’s easy for prospective clients to find this information on your website, but a brochure serves as a physical reminder of the knowledge and expertise you have to offer. Single-page flyers are best suited for businesses with few services, while a tri-fold or multi-page bi-fold may work better for businesses with a wide variety of specialities and services.

General Ad Designs

Print advertising still has an impressive ROI. Depending on your industry, you may be interested in magazine or newspaper ad placement. While you may wish to advertise a specific product, sale, or event from time to time, it’s still important that you have a few general ad designs on hand as well — a simple design with your logo/slogan, services, and contact information. A general ad design is timeless and can be used across several applications or publications; all you’ll have to do is adjust the dimensions and submit!


Depending on your industry, you may need to attend trade shows or career fairs. Events like these can provide great exposure with the right marketing materials. Therefore, it’s important to have posters or displays for special events. Whether it’s a banner stand or trade show backdrop, large displays should include logo/slogan, products/services, applications, and contact information. Given that many of these events are held in crowded conference rooms, your displays should be eye-catching!

The professionals at Springwood Marketing specialize in graphic design and print advertising. Looking to revamp your existing marketing materials? Missing a few items that would complete your marketing kit? Contact us today!

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