Today, we live in a mobile-centric world where most Americans rely on their smartphones for communication and information. For a business of any size, it is important to implement a mobile marketing strategy into the overall marketing plan.

If your business has a website, you need to ensure it is optimized for phones and tablets. Here are a few reasons why mobile friendliness is the new business-to-consumer communication:

Mobile devices are everywhere. More people than ever use their hand held devices because it’s fast and easy. Consumers want to search what they want and get results quickly. Having a user-friendly service will give them the immediate service they desire.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Because of Google’s algorithm change in 2015, websites that are optimized for phones rank higher than those that do not.

It helps build credibility. Not only will your website look great and function on any device, consumers will see your business as modern–ultimately benefiting its reputation and allow consumers to think your information, products and services are credible.

It’s becoming a standard practice. No matter the industry, it is important to stay in the race with your competitors. With mobile optimization becoming a priority for many companies, consumers will turn their heads on the ones that are not.

Mobile devices have become a prominent platform to access content online. Whether it’s simple changes or complex technical adjustments you must make to your content, Springwood Marketing can help. At Springwood, the marketing experts know the importance of a business’ online presence–and how that presence must be accessible on all the platforms consumers may use to purchase your products or services. Our digital marketing specialists can help make your website user-friendly and allow you to gain the growth your business deserves.

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