As the new year approaches, it’s an ideal time for businesses to evaluate their current marketing plans and implement changes to promote superior growth through a new, enhanced clientele base.

Although there are so many diverse resources to consider when updating marketing plans, devoting greater attention to certain areas can create a competitive advantage within the market.


As marketing efforts shift toward the individual customer, a one-size-fits-all approach will cease to produce results. Committing to customer segmentation can help discover who a business’ customers are and what they expect, and can pinpoint which customers hold the best return on investment–allowing optimization of returns in the new year.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become an important tool for marketing campaigns. Utilizing mobile marketing can help teams locate their qualified mobile users and build client relationships by providing relevant, interactive content. In the new year, those who do not implement the latest mobile marketing trends will be left behind.


In the new year, it is important for businesses to evaluate and consider the precise return on investment (ROI) from their marketing campaigns. Companies can implement the latest analytics tools to start this process and discover actionable data that will reveal what marketing strategies are worth it, and which are not, for the money that is being spent.

Competitor Analysis

While a business should focus its time to build a unique image, valuable insights can be achievable by analyzing competitors within the industry. Researching core competitors and their current campaign strategies could help determine if there is an opportunity to capitalize on a tactic that could influence marketing strategies for the new year.

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