Utilizing social media to grow a brand is one of the most popular digital marketing practices in 2019. However, simply using social media will not produce results. Therefore, to maximize brand awareness and build your following, you must develop an organized approach. Consistency is key!

Here are four practices you can implement to optimize your social media platforms:

Determine what platforms best suit your industry and audience

Each social media platform appeals to a specific demographic. In order to optimize your social media use, it is important to identify who your audience is. What products or services do you sell and who is your buyer? A clothing brand may flourish on Twitter and Instagram, while an oil and gas company may find more success on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Identify what kind of content you will be sharing

You cannot build a following if you’re not sharing compelling content. This leaves many business owners wondering, “What do I post?” In order to determine what content you should be sharing, consider the products and services you offer. You should be sharing content that is relevant to your services and consumers. For instance, a cleaning service may post an article or video about eco-friendly cleaning practices. This relevant information will drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

Create a schedule for your content

In order to increase brand awareness and grow your following, your social media use should be frequent and consistent. Therefore, you should consider creating a content schedule. First, identify how frequently you wish to post. Then, plan what days and times your content will be shared online. You can include this information in a calendar or document, so you may refer to it when creating your posts.

Designate a time to create your posts

Sharing content on social media can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re managing multiple platforms. Therefore, you should consider designating a specific time or day for sharing content online. This practice is efficient and allows you to spend less time on social media and more time focusing on your business objectives. Many platforms, like Facebook, allow you to schedule posts for a specific time and day. This feature is more efficient and convenient than simply posting manually, as you are able to schedule posts for weeks or months in advance.


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