As you enter the second half of 2019, it is important to evaluate your social media presence. By implementing the following trends into your social media plan, you will increase engagement with posts and influence consumers.

In-the-Moment Content

This year, in-the-moment content is getting more attention than highly-produced content. Consumers want to feel connected to brands. They want to see product launches, promotions, and other behind-the-scenes looks at your business. Springwood Marketing recommends showing this content on your business’ Facebook or Instagram stories. This allows your feed to stay neat and appealing, while users watch the unique content on your stories.

User-Generated Content

When consumers see user-generated content, they are more likely to try your products or services. Users who see strangers posting about a business are more confident in making a purchase. To find user-generated photos, monitor who is tagging your business or its location on social media. Tag the user and thank them for supporting your business when you repost their content.


Integrating Twitter into your business’ social media plan is another hot trend. Brands are building a presence on Twitter to reach an active and vibrant community of educated adults. The key to posting on Twitter is posting information users find interesting or valuable. You can also use trending hashtags to increase the reach of tweets. Consider tweeting your business’ daily specials or promotions, posting engaging content or starting your own weekly hashtag. Twitter can also be used to retweet other users in the community and reach out to users for genuine interactions.

Social Media Ads

If you’re not getting the interactions you desire organically, consider paying for social media ads. Boosted posts reach new people who might be interested in your brand but aren’t connected with you on the social media platform. Social media ads are perfect for boosting an event, special, discount, or promotion.

Social media trends continuously change based on user preferences. Let Springwood Marketing help your business by monitoring these trends and managing your social media. Contact us to grow your brand.