Representing a product or service visually plays a key role in any effective marketing campaign. Graphic design is an important tool in your arsenal when you want your company to look its best.

Graphic design gives you the opportunity to combine your company’s image and what you are selling into one cohesive graphic. Here are three tips and tricks that will help your design be effective.


Keep Things Simple

When people begin a graphic design project, they usually have a lot of information they want to convey to consumers. It is easy to get overly excited and carried away during the design process. This usually leads to a lot of text and a surplus of information on your graphic.

Simplicity, however, can be the key to credibility. Don’t overwhelm your ad with text, icons, or logos. Have a dominant color with a contrasting secondary color, and make sure your text is easily readable. Potential consumers are more likely to click on an ad that grabs their attention with less information than a busy graphic that seems cluttered.

Utilize White Space

White space doesn’t have to mean empty space. The space between your headline and the rest of your text or the space that separates your graphics should never be taken for granted. It’s the use of white space in graphic design that emphasizes the other elements. When you think your ad is finished, go back and look for text or images that could be removed to increase white space. Blocks of white space can be the key to a more dynamic advertisement.

Know Your Audience (and Where They Are)


Now that you’ve created a graphic design that is visually appealing for your business, make sure you are targeting the right people. Depending on where you are posting your ad, it may need to be tweaked for different platforms. Facebook, for example, is a great forum to publicize an upcoming event. The same graphic you put on Facebook, though, may not be ideal for Twitter—where your image needs to create an immediate impact. A text-heavy ad on Instagram will not perform as well as it would on LinkedIn.


Graphic design is about more than just what you create. You need to know where to display it. The expert designers at Springwood Marketing can help your business depict a trendy, professional image. Contact us today to see how Springwood Marketing can help build your company’s identity.