Email marketing can be a useful tool when trying to reach customers. While you can almost guarantee an email reaches a potential customer’s inbox, it is more difficult to write captivating copy that encourages them to click and read what you sent.

Build Your Subscriber List

First, gather emails from clients and prospects. By adding a signup feature on your website, your company’s list of subscribers can grow passively while you work on other projects. You can also acquire emails through more traditional methods, like collecting contact information at a trade show. Continuously collecting emails allows for a growing list of individuals interested in your business.

Make it Personal

When possible, add a personal element to your emails. A recipient’s name can be added to an email using shortcode. Emails can also be set up to look like they were sent from an individual. For example, recipients may be more likely to open an email from the CEO rather than the business itself.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. If your email isn’t mobile-friendly, subscribers are less likely to click and read. An individual can also choose to unsubscribe and no longer receive emails from you.

Keep it Clean and Crisp

After someone opens your email, you want them to remain engaged with the content. Effective email marketing includes using short paragraphs, utilizing bullet points and inserting pictures. Also, make sure keywords and important phrases stand out to readers.

Include a Call to Action

Most of the time, email marketing is used to drive traffic to a website. When clicks equal customers, it is important to add a call to action to an email. Add action buttons like, “Download Now” or “Book Your Stay Today” to increase email interaction.

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