Social media is the hottest marketing tool in the world. It is a free and effective marketing tool that may increase brand awareness and generate business growth.

Therefore, it is helpful to be active on a variety of platforms, understand how each platform works, and identify the demographics on each site. Specific platforms appeal to specific groups of people. Reaching your largest audience is key to promoting your business. You should aim to post on as many relevant platforms as possible.

Top 4 Popular Social Media Sites & What They Do

• Facebook – Facebook is customized to fit any industry, personal business, community involvement, etc. The platform is ideal for personal communication and connections. Facebook allows users to interact with customers via messaging, sharing information, and a variety of other communication tools. Facebook is the most popular social media site, with nearly 2 billion active users all over the world.

• Twitter – Twitter is designed to be fast and effective. Users may create brief (280 characters) messages, also known as “tweets.” Tweets allow users to reach mass audiences. With the potential of such a vast reach, users can expect quick, timely responses. The platform also allows users to add videos and photos to a tweet. Averaging at around 328 million active users worldwide, Twitter is one of the top ten websites in the U.S.

• Instagram – Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to share images and brief videos. With 700 million active users worldwide, businesses can increase brand awareness and exposure on this platform. Instagram allows you to edit your photos and videos before posting. Most of the content featured on Instagram includes – but is not limited to – food, art, traveling, and fashion.

• LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a networking site that allows its users to build personal profiles displaying their work history and credentials. Aside from networking, LinkedIn allows users to search through job postings and share career-oriented content with their connections. With over 467 million users, you are sure to expand your professional network on LinkedIn.

Social Media and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool that utilizes searchable keywords and specific topics relevant to your industry in order to increase your search engine ranking. Maintaining a consistent social media presence while implementing SEO generates more online traffic.

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