According to a recent survey, 86 percent of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. This means companies need to increase their digital footprint to stand out among competitors. To be competitive, your company needs to update its website so potential customers can find information easily.

Be Competitive

An updated website creates a place to showcase your company’s advantages over competitors. With modern technology, customers want to get information quickly from the internet. Consumers no longer have the patience to deal with slow or non-responsive websites. To win a customer, your website must be fast, mobile-friendly and regularly updated.

Establish Credibility

Customers expect you to have a website. They are also more likely to visit your store in person if your site is appealing. As a business, there are things you can do to regularly to update your website and win over customers. For example, posting blogs and articles show your expertise in your industry. By establishing credibility, you build trust between your brand and consumers.

Collect Data

It is important that your website collects data from those who visit the site. By adding a Google Analytics code, you learn about the people who are clicking on your page and what they are interested in. For each of our website clients, we provide monthly or quarterly analytics reports. With this information, we can help you make changes to your business and marketing plans to convert their clicks into sales. 

Showcase Products and Services

Each year, e-commerce spending increases. Websites offering online purchasing have the opportunity to share their products and services around the world. Consumers are no longer limited by their location when making purchases. To ensure your business is getting the most out of its e-commerce, make sure you clearly state what your product or service is on your website.

Build a Powerful Marketing Channel

Before you spend money on expensive billboards, commercials or other traditional marketing, analyze how you are using your website. Your company’s website should be the center of every digital marketing campaign. Without it, your company is not reaching its full potential. Once you update your website, you can begin focusing on developing a more strategic and in-depth marketing plan.

At Springwood Marketing, we know how to grow your brand with a new website. Each of our websites are customized, mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. Contact us to learn how we can update your website and generate more profit for your business.