In terms of marketing a business, search engine optimization (SEO) is the heart of a successful article. However, business owners must stay on top of the latest algorithm changes to effectively optimize all articles for increased website traffic.

In 2019, search engines rank content upon quality, usefulness and relevance. When attempting to rank a business for SEO on a search engine, implementing these fundamentals into every article on a website has the potential to gain a significant number of views:

1. Meta Tags

 Meta tags explain to the search engines what articles are about. Title tags, header tags, meta descriptions and image alt tags all need to be optimized with a specific keyword to assist with a successful SEO ranking. Although they do not provide full SEO value, they do indirectly benefit overall business awareness through click-through-rates.

2. Consistent Content

Search engines, like Google, favor websites that frequently update their websites with fresh, quality content. Therefore, it is extremely important to be consistent with content generation to achieve optimal SEO. Not only does consistency increase traffic but it allows for multiple targets using differing keywords, which can expand overall readership.

3. Internal Links

After body copy optimization is completed and specified keywords are strategically placed throughout an article, incorporating internal links is another step in accomplishing an improved SEO ranking. Internal links allow viewers to visit other articles or pages on a website and also helps search engines index the article posts.

Search engine optimization is an evolving strategy that takes dedication to master. Springwood Marketing, LLC is experienced in designing and implementing SEO plans for various industries. At Springwood, all of our plans are customized to the business at-hand and include quarterly analytics reports for progress review.

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