Instagram stories are an easy way to connect with followers. Businesses often use stories to give followers a behind-the-scenes peek, showcase a new product or service, seek user opinions and maintain a presence on Instagram without cluttering feeds. By following these tips, you can add Instagram stories to your marketing strategy to increase followers and share your business.

What to Post

With each update, Instagram continues to add new features to its stories. However, as a general rule, plan to share a mix of fun and promotional content that enhances your brand. 

By posting as a business account, Instagram offers users the ability to swipe up on your story to a link of your choosing. In a time where users appreciate being able to access information quickly, this feature allows you to drive traffic to your website with a swipe of a finger.

Instagram also offers multiple options for an account to ask questions and receive feedback from followers. Polls allow users to choose between two options. The emoji slider feature lets followers rate a product or photo. Another useful tool, the question sticker, can be extremely beneficial for business growth and can be set up in two different ways. Pose the question and let followers submit their answers or let followers ask you questions to promote brand transparency and education.

When to Post

Instagram stories last 24 hours, meaning your content is more likely to be seen by followers without posting at an optimal time. But, if you are trying to get more interactions in a short period of time, try to post your story at a time when your company’s followers are most active. As a business account, Instagram collects this information for you. Consult the Insights tab on your profile to determine the best days and times to post content on your story.

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